Helping Others Helps Myself – SEO Liverpool Section

Welcome to my GrahamSEO WordPress blog.

I love writing, I love the internet and I love being able to create content that people want to share.

To this end I recently started to create a section on my main website which has set out to give my readers an idea of what to expect and what is involved with their project when they ask me to undertake an SEO campaign for them. The section is generally aimed at a target market of Liverpool but it can easily apply to anybody. Liverpool is in my target audience and so I have set about creating a campaign just for them.

The section for SEO Liverpool talks about a case study based on used car sales called Dans Cars (totally fictional company) and how I would approach a new campaign for search engine optimisation.

It involves me first of all analysing the market, the competition and the customer.

Many people start with keyword research when they begin SEO which is sometimes fine but I find that if I focus first upon the understanding the customers business, then their target audience I can do some research which allows me to pick better keywords which are more appealing to the target marketing. These words also allow me to structure the copy on the website better as I can tap into the USP (unique selling point) of the client and tell the target market all about it. This will help sell the client to the market better if I point out the benefits followed by the features of the client’s service or product. This is generally the golden rule of good copywriting – point out the benefits straight away – solve a problem quickly then tell the reader why my clients product is the best out there (it isn’t always but it’s a real winner when it is and I can always find something laudible).

I wanted to break this section up a bit so here’s section 2 – SEO Liverpool part 2

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